Minimum is a fashion company from Aarhus, Denmark. The brand is well-known and respected for their eclectic, scandinavian fashion products of sublime quality.


Brand Development, Graphic design

Photo credit: DesignUnit

Minimum is well-known and respected for their eclectic, Scandinavian fashion products of sublime quality. Their philosophy is to create products of high quality materials – always at affordable prices. Designing both useful classics for the basic wardrobe and completely unique, eye-catching styles that are perfect for the special events.

The minimum team consists of over 70 dedicated employees in the company's beautiful headquarters in an older shipyard converted into an authentic, open office environment at the industrial harbour of Aarhus.

We helped Minimum update and streamline their Visual Identity and created the following campaign. With a 360° mindset, following the new guidelines, we created content for all platforms – including concept, sales material, in-store material, windows, posters, SoMe content, labels and hangtags. Everything inspired by the urban landscape of Aarhus.