Ongoing project – Rebranding a local, 100 year old smokehouse – visualising the stories of a modern heritage brand.


Einar Christensen
Visual Identity, Brand Development

Einar Christensen is a local fish smokehouse. Located at the old northern harbour in Aarhus. One of the few areas in our city that remains unchanged and true to its roots yet able to accommodate the changes within a modern city and it’s citizens. The question is; how to do the same in a visual branding context. How do we design a visual narrative, that represents the old, and at the same time, defines the visual foundation that will represent the brand, for the next 100 years.

In this case we started with the logo. We designed a logo and a visual identity that respects the heritage - transforming the unique monogram from the old logo into a modern yet unique context that meet modern requirements.

EC_009 EC_008